Paint Like Jackson Pollock

I really wanted to introduce the kids at my Art Explorers project to great American artists. First stop was Jackson Pollock with a project I found on using spaghetti or yarn as paintbrushes – the kids were fascinated! We used yarn, dipping them in paint then dragging or flicking the paint on to the paper. A lot of the time the kids ended up using their hands but as long as you have a covered area and everyone is suitably dressed you should be fine (just warn your volunteers and maybe bring some spare t-shirts!) Depending on the kids it lasted around 40 minutes and they ended up with around 3 pieces each. The kids left knowing a great artist’s style and his name which was a great buzz!

What you need:
– Yarn/spaghetti/string
– Lots of paint
– Plates, tubs, etc for the paint
– Large pieces of paper to act as a canvas

As told by Elly Lacey


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