Forty Faces

How fun is this project based off of Faye Moorehouse’s work, Forty Faces. This post comes from the blog of the art teacher at Clinton Middle School who posted these great pictures.

The students used their thumbs to make 40 different colored prints on paper and then assigned each print a new identity, whether it be a lion or an old man.


Painting Birdhouses!

I just wanted to share the Art Explorer project that I worked on with the kids at the Jackie Robinson Center in Harlem. I found these cute little bird houses in Michael’s for $1 each, and the kids had a great time yesterdy painting these.

I also brought some Q-Tips, for those where you can see dot detailing.

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As told by Team Leader Tracy Yoon

Inspiration: Art Blogs

New York Cares’ Art Explorers’ Team Leaders are always looking for new projects for their programs, so I thought I would do my share of scouring the internet and various blogs for project inspiration. Here is a list of some of my favorite blogs featuring children’s art projects and a few highlighted ideas.

Which one is your favorite?

Art Makes Kids Smart and Paper Construction Penguins (so cute!)
Art Projects for Kids and the Torn Paper Animal Collage
Mrs. Art Teacher! and O’keeffe Inspired Abstract Landscapes
Teach Kids Art and the perfect for spring project Blossoming “Popcorn Trees”
and one of my favorites: Quest Artists where I got this idea

Paint Like Jackson Pollock

I really wanted to introduce the kids at my Art Explorers project to great American artists. First stop was Jackson Pollock with a project I found on using spaghetti or yarn as paintbrushes – the kids were fascinated! We used yarn, dipping them in paint then dragging or flicking the paint on to the paper. A lot of the time the kids ended up using their hands but as long as you have a covered area and everyone is suitably dressed you should be fine (just warn your volunteers and maybe bring some spare t-shirts!) Depending on the kids it lasted around 40 minutes and they ended up with around 3 pieces each. The kids left knowing a great artist’s style and his name which was a great buzz!

What you need:
– Yarn/spaghetti/string
– Lots of paint
– Plates, tubs, etc for the paint
– Large pieces of paper to act as a canvas

As told by Elly Lacey

Pop-Up Spring!

Using Eric Carle’s The Hungry Caterpillar Pop-Up book for inspiration we created a pop-up park just in time for Spring.

Lay out a foundation of green (for the grass) on a large table and create a pop-up world of butterflies, trees and bugs simply by folding the edges of the pieces down and sticking them to the grass.

Fantastic for team-working and letting the kids run wild with their imaginations!

What you need:
– Loads of card
– Scissors
– Pens and pencils
– Decoration

(Again, a thank you to Team Leader Elly Lacey for this project idea)