1. Do I need to buy the supplies? 

There is a specific budget for art explorers projects. If you don’t know the budget, contact the program manager connected to your project and he or she will let you know the specifics. You can always buy supplies yourself, save the receipts and send them to the program manager. The program manager will then reimburse you within two weeks upon receiving the receipts. You can also create an online shopping list from one of the websites on the resources page (such as Oriental Trading Post) and send the shopping list to the program manager. Once the shopping list is received, the program manager will order the supplies and send them to the project site.

2. Can I buy snacks for my project?  

Yes, you are welcome to use the budget to buy snacks for your project. Be sure to ask the project site if they have any food restrictions. Also, please be aware of food allergies such as nut allergies.

3. The project site I work at seems to have a lot of supplies. Can we use their supplies? 

If you use supplies from the project site, it is important to replace the supplies as soon as possible. Please use the project budget to replace any supplies that you have used.

4. I am not a very creative person. I see there are a lot of art project kits online. Do you recommend purchasing kits like this? 

Art kits found online are typically fairly expensive and do not always encourage children to use their imaginations. If you are having trouble thinking of a creative project idea, please take time to explore the projects listed on this site or contact your program manager.

5. How long do projects typically last? 

Projects usually last about an hour and fifteen minutes, including time to set up and clean up.


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