New Art Explorers Team Leaders

Tips for New Art Explorer Team Leaders!

Before the Project

  • Send out an email upon sign up and a reminder two days or so before with all the directions, instructions, what to expect, your phone number, the address etc.
  • If you cannot team lead a project please let me know ASAP, so I can find a replacement.
  • The main thing is be on time! A few minutes early—is even better.
  • Check out the Art Explorers Google Site for project ideas (
  • Purchase all supplies and submit receipts.

During the Project

  • Take attendance immediately after the project on the website. Do not forget the Impact Numbers = Number of children in attendance.
  • As team leader you may not get to take part in the actual project, use your judgment. It is important that you are close by and keeping an eye on things at all time.  Take time to step back from what you are doing to make sure your volunteers and the children are engaged in the activity.
  • Keep a positive attitude and atmosphere in the room.
  • All disciplinary action should be handled by the Project Partner. It is recommended to have a discussion with the Project Partner about discipline before the first project.

After the Project

  • Make sure to thank all the volunteers via email after the project.
  • If you have any problems with a volunteer, contact your Program Manager. Volunteer Relations can handle it or I can. You don’t have to reply to disgruntled volunteers or deal with a complaint if you don’t want to—that’s what I am here for!
  • If a volunteer wants proof of their hours let me know or point them to Volunteer Relations.

Cancellation Policy

  • If someone cancels one minute before the project, we give it to them. At least they contacted you and made an effort.  That is in accordance with New York Cares No-Show policy, after 3 no-shows within 6 months the volunteer is de-activated and must attend another orientation if they want to volunteer.
  • Volunteers must stay the whole duration of the project, except of course if you end early. If it becomes a problem with a volunteer who consistently comes late or leaves early, let me know! Also if they consistently cancel, I want to know.

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