Materials: Water Color or tempera paints, brushes, water, plaster of Paris, pie tin or paper plate, stick for stirring.

Process: Fresco Means to paint with water based paint on wet plaster. The paint permeates the plaster and becomes a part of the plaster. Fresco means “fresh,” referring to the wet plaster.

  1. Mix plaster of Paris according to the box directions, and pour into a paper plate. Smooth with a stick. (Insert a hanging device such as a paper clip or loop of yarn if you wish.)
  2. Paint on the wet plaster with tempera paints or water color paints. As long as the plaster is damp, fresco painting will be effective.
  3. Allow plaster to dry.
  4. Remove the plaster plaque from the paper plate.
  5. Hang or use as a table or shelf decoration.

Source: Good Earth Art: Environmental Art for Kids (Authors: MaryAnn Kohl and Cindy Gainer)


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