Winter Birds



-Soft, wintery colours of double-sided scrapbook paper
– Wooden beads
– Feathers
– Yarn in soft, wintery colours
– Scissors
– A small hole punch
– A pencil
– White glue. For faster, stickier results, a hot glue gun works great. But, adults only.

1. Cut out different shapes of birds. You can always look up pictures on the internet or trace birds from a book. You can make them any size. But, for the mobiles, make several of the same size and shape of the smaller birds to hang together. With the stellar jays,you can use just one bird because they are so long.

2. Pick out your beads and glue them on as eyes. Hot glue is the fastest route but you can also use white craft glue. 

3. Pick out some matching or complimenting feathers and glue them on. Here, you can discuss the different birds of winter, or even go on a short bird-watching walk. 

4. Punch a hole in the top and bottom of each bird depending on how you want to hang them. Make sure to use a small hole punch. Then, cut a piece of string and string the birds together. Put the string through the front of the bottom hole, then up the back, out the back of the top hole. Pull enough string through to string all of the birds from the top down and tie a knot at the bottom of each bird as you go along to keep it from slipping down the string.

5. Leave some extra string at the bottom. Take a larger bead and tie it on to weight the whole thing down a bit.
6. If the children would like to decorate the birds more they can always paint them, add beads, sequins, glitter and more.
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