Owl Luminaries


– Paper bags
– Construction or craft paper in Fall colors
– Cupcake papers
– Buttons or other things for eyes
– Scissors
– Glue sticks
– Sand
– Tea light candles
– Matches

1. Take your paper bags and cut them in half. Use the bottom half of the bag for this project.

2. Take your construction or craft paper and cut it into strips that are about 1.5 inches tall and as wide as the bag. Then, cut a fringe on them. Alternate colors to get some interesting combinations.

3. Glue the panels of fringe onto the bag (about 4 panels per bag)

4. Next, take two cupcake papers and glue them on as eyes.

5. Hunt through the button box for the perfect eyeball and glue them on too.

6. Fill the bag up about 1/3 of the way with sand and pop in a lit tea light and place on your porch when the evening comes. Or if wanting to be cautious, use an electric tea light!

Retrieved from: http://www.ourbigearth.com/2009/10/13/spooky-crafts-owl-luminara/

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