Pinecone Ornaments for Birds and for Decorations

Description:Begin your bird watching experience with the creation of this pinecone decoration. Or, cover the pinecone with glitter and watch it sparkle in the light.Ages: 6 to 8 Budget: $10.00

Prep Time: 5 minutes to warm up glue guns.

Supplies: Pinecones, peanut butter, birdseed for bird ornaments, plastic knives, glue, glitter, aluminum pans, string.

Special Instructions: For pinecone ornaments for birds: Have kids spread peanut butter on pinecone with plastic knife and then in birdseed. Use large aluminum pan for birdseed. For pinecone ornament decoration have kids spread glue on the pinecone with plastic knife and than roll pine cone in aluminum pan filled with glitter. Allow pine cones to dry and attach string to the top stem.

How to Incorporate the Volunteer: Volunteers helped the kids put the glitter on the pinecones, so it would not get too messy.

Project Suggestion by: Doreen Jacobson


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