Description: Create your own underwater scene with this fun and creative project.

Ages: 5 to 12

Budget: $25.00

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Supplies: 9″ x 12″ white drawing paper, 12″ x 14″ cellophane wrap, black construction paper, cut into one 1/2″ x 12″ strips and two 1/2″ x 9″ strips, blue paint (diluted with water), beige paint, paint brush, construction paper (red, yellow, orange and green), crayons, double sided tape, glue, scissors.

Special Instructions: Use the beige paint to make “sand” and blue paint for “water”. Construction paper is used to cut out sea life shapes. Cover the paper with the cellophane and use the black strips as borders.

How to Incorporate the Volunteer: Volunteers can help with ideas, scissor work for little kids, putting the aquarium together.

Project Suggestion by: Mary Kim


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