Horseguard Marionette

Quick, March!

I was inspired by the 2D-style drawing in This is London by Miroslav Sasek to develop this horseguard marionette and it’s really simple!

Draw and cut out the simple shapes of the guard – 2 legs, 2 arms, torso with pigeon chest, head, 2 hands, stick, 2 shoes and hat. Stick all the parts together apart from the arms and legs which you pin through the torso with split pins so they can “march”.

Then decorate as you (I mean they!) wish!

Great fun, really simple and the kids love it when the guards move!

What you need:
– Black, red and beige card
– Split pins
– Pens/pencils
– Scissors
– Any decoration you fancy (glitter, stickers, etc)

(Thanks to Team Leader Elly Lacey)


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